Eligibility Checks


Upload a spreadsheet to get started verifying the patients' eligibility.

Eligibility Verification System

FREE till 9/30/2020

We have suspended our usual pricing plans during this CoV19 crisis and are making the eligibility.tools service free for all providers.

We are commited to keeping it free till at least 30th September, 2020 and will consider extending it further if things haven't improved by then.

Customers who join during this period may be asked to close their accounts on 30th September or switch to our paid plans starting at $25 per month.

$ 0/month

effectively 0¢ per check
  • 10,000 checks per month included
  • Email us if additional checks are needed

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Supported Insurers

We currently support the following insurance providers:

  • Masshealth (Medicaid for MA)
  • Medicaid for Connecticut
  • Pennsylvania Medical Assistance or MA (Medicaid for PA)

The following providers are coming soon:

  • Medicare

Please note that queries contain additional payors and information about MCOs and ACOs.

If you'd like to query another insurer, we'll happily connect to them. If you are a provider and work with us to connect to an insurer, you'll use that insurer on our platform for free forever! We'll prioritize state insurance providers.

Boston, MA

Eastern Time (ET)

Reach out with any questions!